Hello, and welcome to my series "That Epic Battle". If you haven't seen Episode I or II, I suggest that you would read them first. This Blog is about battles so Epic that they should never be forgotten. Anyways, I will thank SPEAR GOBLIN and Mini P.E.K.K.A for supporting these series. I also want to thank the Clash Royale Player 짱구 from the clan 언화초 and Giuliano for the clan 5a DK G for inspiring this Episode.


Player 1

NoNameNoShame. Lvl 6, 1905 Trophies. Deck:

Golem - Everest

Mega Minion - Master Max

Zap - Xap

Poison - Tear Gas

Elixir Collector - Profiter

Archers - Carla & Camila

Minions - Triple M's

Mini P.E.K.K.A - Crusher

Player 2

R3CKL3SS. Lvl 7, 1886 Trophies. Deck:

Rage - BOOST!

Goblin Barrel - Homing Goblins

Baby Dragon - Padawan

Witch - Vera

Fireball - Fast & Furious

Minion Horde - Opera Sixtett

Skeleton Army - Stormtroopers

Graveyard - Undergrounders

Battle III

The Third Battle was finally going to begin in the Builder's Workshop. People there didn't really know much about Battles, they cared more about building contests.

The Battle started. It took ten seconds until R3CKL3SS deployed the Opera Sixtett. The Padawan tanked in front of them when Triple M's, Carla and Camila were defending. Stormtroopers were also approaching NoNameNoShame so Tear Gas was used to get rid of them. Only 100 damage was dealt to NoNameNoShame's left tower. The surviving Archers and Master Max were going for the counter-attack. Vera barely defended them as they all had low hitpoints. Homing Goblins were sent with Vera for an additional attack from R3CKL3SS. NoNameNoShame's Triple M's Defended poorly because the splash from Vera hit the M's while they were killing those Homing Goblins. Three seconds later, the Profiter was constructed behind the right tower. The Opera Sixtett attacked offensively on the left when Camila and Carla shot them. Xap was necessary to save the Archers but Padawan removed them half a second later. The tower was already at 1300, so the Padawan took it out with a little help from the Stormtroopers. Everest was sent to the right in front of Crusher running after. R3CKL3SS ignores it and places out Vera and the famous Undergrounders against the King's Tower. They leave the tower with only 13 hitpoints left. Everest gets even more backup by Master Max and the Archers. Padawan and Stormtroopers tries to defend the push but it is unbreakable by now. R3CKL3SS casts the Tear Gas on NoNameNoShame's King's Tower, but it doesn't do anything, because NoNameNoShame push takes the King's Tower and wins.

The game ends 3-1 for NoNameNoShame. The two small Everites celebrate while Crusher is breaking everything in sight. The Opera Sixtett sings its daily song but the crowd bues at them.


Thank you for readin'! I will post Episode IV once I get one comment. Happy Clashing!