One day on Sunday 15th January 2017, ModdingArt woke up and went on Clash Royale cause he has no life and it was Epic Sunday. He went to his shop page to see what was there, when he saw there was a Special Offer for a Legendary. This was the first Legendary Element.

Then he started to drop, and drop, and drop till he got to Barbarian Bowl for the Clan Chest, becoming the worst in his clan. He made a troll deck using Elite Barbarians and other OP cards. He won a game, and with that came a Legendary Chest. This was the second Legendary Elements.

Then ModdingArt competed in a weekly clan tourney, coming first and winning the top chest of 100 cards, unbelievably he won a legendary. This was the third Legendary Element.

Everything got better as the Clan Chest and grinding happened, giving ModdingArt a Super Magical Chest which he gemmed open getting another Legendary. This was the fourth Legendary Element.

Because of this grinding ModdingArt easily farmed the tier 10 chest and got and other Legendary. This was the fifth Legendary Element.

Then all the Legendary Elements started spinning and suddenly there was a bright flash, and when ModdingArt opened his eyes, he saw Mr. Supercell. "ModdingArt, you are clearly the most legendary player ever, as you have collected all 5 Legendary Elements. The Ancient Scrolls say that you deserve all Legendary Cards in the game." This made ModdingArt happy.

The End.

I actually did get a Legndary Chest in my shop and a Legendary Chest from battle, but the rest was nonsense. I thought I'd share this as I found it awesome.