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  • ModdingArt

    Hey everyone,

    Here I will be going over some of my ideas and predictions about the hinted "Team Battles".

    First of all I will explain where team battles have been hinted. First of all in the radio Royale notification in the game, if you click the t of Reddit it takes you to a picture of a half of a button. Also more recently, when someone said to stop 'leaking' fake updates Tim said correcemundo with the e leading to another picture, when you put them together people have found that Team Battle fits.

    These are my predictions of what I think will happen. The 2nd one is my favourite. Yes, I put a u in favourite. Deal with it I'm British. Lol.

    In this prediction there will be 12 arena towers, each placed like a normal game but with a space in the…

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  • ModdingArt

    One day on Sunday 15th January 2017, ModdingArt woke up and went on Clash Royale cause he has no life and it was Epic Sunday. He went to his shop page to see what was there, when he saw there was a Special Offer for a Legendary. This was the first Legendary Element.

    Then he started to drop, and drop, and drop till he got to Barbarian Bowl for the Clan Chest, becoming the worst in his clan. He made a troll deck using Elite Barbarians and other OP cards. He won a game, and with that came a Legendary Chest. This was the second Legendary Elements.

    Then ModdingArt competed in a weekly clan tourney, coming first and winning the top chest of 100 cards, unbelievably he won a legendary. This was the third Legendary Element.

    Everything got better as th…

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