Mini Pekka Bill

aka San

  • I live in Folan
  • I was born on October 14
  • My occupation is Rit
  • I am Male
  • Mini Pekka Bill

    When I first started to play clash royale, I got the witch as my first epic card. It was really powerful in lower arenas, with the ability to spawn skeletons. The thing is, I didn't realise that it actually cause splash damage. After knowing it, I read card descriptions more carefully. 

    The Prince is a really scary unit in lower arenas since it can wreck a tower. Furthermore, it's hard to counter a prince without cards such as the skeleton army and tombstone. After that, I learn that I can actually counter a prince with a witch, or even the giant plus support troops.

    The Baby Dragon seems dangerous but actually it does not. The only counter that I know to it is the musketeer at that time. Then I realise that Archers and Spear Goblins can cou…

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  • Mini Pekka Bill


    The wizard has a high damage per second and a large damage radius. On the other hand, the witch with lower damage per second has the ability to spawn skeletons.

    The wizard deals with air troops more effectively since the witch's skeletons won't be able to deal damage to air. Futhermore, the wizard kills swarm troops faster because it has a higher damage per second and a larger damage radius. It takes only a shot to kill a minion while a witch takes three shots to kill it. The wizard would be a better counter to spawner decks with it's longer range and higher area damage.

    The witch with lower statistics isn't worse than the wizard since it has the ability to spawn skeletons. The witch can't kill swarms that fast but can kill ground tanks(eg…

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