Hello there, Mini P.E.K.K.A here. Today I will be talking about my thoughts on the new buffs.

Elite Barbarians: Damage Increased by 14%, Hitpoints Increased by 19%, Hit Speed increased to 1.4 seconds.

-For a 6 Elixir Card, this buff will make them more dangerous to deal with, and hopefully used by more.

Tornado: Radius increased by 10%, stronger pulling power.

-I'm perfectly fine with this.

Inferno Dragon: Hitpoints Increased by 5%, retargets 0.4 seconds faster.

-This will make it so you can't just kill him with 2 fireballs, and since I have him, I like this. The thing about retargeting, YESSSSSSSSSS ~Time Skip~ SSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

Balloon: Death Damage Increased by 105%, Death Damage radius 50% larger.

-*spits out water from glass* 105%???. The most I've ever seen is 74% for the Ice Golem. This means the death damage was DOUBLED. And the radius being 3/2 as large is also massive. This will make the death damage WAY more significant, and will hopefully put the Balloon back in action!

Wizard: Hit Speed Increased to 1.4 seconds, initial attack comes 0.2 seconds slower.

-I feel this buff is not enough for our fiery friend. I feel he needs this, 6% damage increase, 15% HP increase, and Elixir Cost decrease to 4.

Giant Skeleton: Damage Increased by 8%.

-I feel that this is a necessary buff for our explosive LeDoot. He can't even 1 shot a Goblin at tournament standards, not to mention it's hard to even get him there. But he also has too little life for a tank, so he should get an HP increase too. Anyways, Supercell is finally making smart balance changes.

Lumberjack: Hitpoints +6%

-I'm personally okay with this, but Lumberjack doesn't really need a buff. He's good as of now.

Bomber: Damage +4%

-Great. Appreciated. But they should also buff his HP a little, if you ask me. A The Log 7 levels below him can kill him. (I think)

Mortar: Damage radius increased by 11%

-Honestly, the Mortar is a cheap and lame card. I feel it needs more buffs like this one. A buff that will make Mortar good would be HP +11%, Damage +16%, Hit Speed 3 seconds, Lifetime 40 seconds. Surprisingly, I'm not a Mortar fan.

Mirror: Level 8 Mirror will make max level +1 cards again.

-Reasonable, because right now, it's like a Level 7 Mirror.

That's all folks.

Wishes for future updates.

Knight: Damage 10%, HP 6%

Bomber: HP by 5%

Giant: HP reduced by 6%

Baby Dragon: Damage increased by 28%

Skeleton Army: Elixir Cost increased to 4.

Valkyrie: Hit Speed increased to 1.2 seconds.

Lightning: Damage reduced by 6%

Skeletons: Returned to 4.

Giant Skeleton: HP increased by 10%

Barbarians: Damage reduced by 10%

Cannon: HP increased by 15%

Rocket: Damage decreased by 35%, Elixir Cost decreased to 5.

Inferno Tower: No longer reset by Zap.

P.E.K.K.A: Damage increased by 14%, HP by 6%

Zap: Radius decreased by 25%

Wizard: Elixir Cost decreased to 4

Poison: Slow effect returned

Ice Wizard: HP decrease by 20% Damage increase by 15%

Graveyard: Spawns only 14 Skeletons

Mortar: HP +11%, Damage +16%, Hit Speed 3 seconds, Lifetime 40 seconds

Miner: Elixir Cost increase to 4

Royal Giant: Range decrease to the range of an Inferno Tower

Dark Prince: HP and Shield HP by 16%

Princess: HP decrease by 17%

Dart Goblin: No idea

Goblin Gang: No idea

Executioner: No idea

Battle Ram: No idea