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Chapter 3: The New Teammate Trio

Today, I am going to meet the king of the blue team, as I am going to join him! I wasn't on a team before. I wonder what it's like. I'm with my siblings Sam and Steve, headed to the blue castle.

~Time Skip~

We have finally arrived! A Mini P.E.K.K.A, apparently going by the name of Miles, pulled down the massive gate. The castle was HUGE! You could fit over 875 P.E.K.K.As in there! (The problem was, the king appeared to take up about half of the entire castle!) The king greeted us warmly, and we accepted his request to join his empire.

He said that we would have to train for a future battle, so he took us to the training room. I saw a few things, such as a Sparky shooting a moving dummy, a Giant Skeleton whacking a punch bag, some Archers shooting arrows at a target, etc.. We were brought to a room, where we would practice throwing spears even further. We spent about 4 hours of training.

During training, we had a 15 minute break, where we relaxed, and met a friendly Knight named Kevin. He said his best friend was a Mini P.E.K.K.A named Miles, who we saw lowering the gates earlier. The 15 minute break seems nice.

Soon, we went back to training.

~Time Skip~

We finally finished training for the day. It wasn't too harsh, but I overheard some troops complaining that training was brutal.

The king eventually told us it was time to rest, which we all did, gladly.


I decided that it would be nice to have the view of a troop's everyday life when not in battle, so I made this part about that. Next part will be a battle episode, promised. Anyways, the story took place from the POV of a Spear Goblin, with 2 siblings (when you deploy Spear Gobs, you have 3) thanks to SPEAR GOBLIN. Anyways, comment what you thoughts below! Don't forget to state whether I should make a sequel to this one, what I could do to make the next one great, which troop you want me to do a POV of next time,and more! Bye for now! Hope you enjoyed!