Before I start, I really thank Devils, Smarty Pants, and SPEAR GOBLIN, respectively for their nice comments on my first chapter. I am really glad that you liked it, so I have decided to make the second one, and I hope you enjoy! Also, to make the 3rd chapter, I will wait for 3 comments, which I actually achieved last time, but I noticed late there. :P Due to a few comments, this story will take place from the view of a Knight who is friends with the previous Narrator (the Mini P.E.K.K.A)

Chapter 2: The Showdown

Today, we have to prepare. I have been called to a duel. Today, we are getting the honor of fighting in Legendary Arena. I thought only Legendaries could go there! But I guess not. "If Hog Rider is there, why can't you be?", our King told us. The trumpets played, and I braced myself for battle.

I was called into battle, and supported with a Giant, a Valkyrie, and my best friend, who is a Mini P.E.K.K.A. We all charged at the tower. An army of Skeletons were raised to attack us, but said Valkyrie made fast work of them. "Don't worry, Kevin, we'll make it", the Mini P.E.K.K.A told me. The enemy king then deployed his Inferno Tower, but Miles (that's the Mini P.E.K.K.A's name) destroyed it before it could do too much. We easily took a crown tower.

The enemy king was raging while we were attacking him. We saw a rocket coming at us... k figured, it was all over. The rocket didn't miss. I looked upon the ashes to see my allies gone. Except Miles, who was swinging at the tower. An Inferno Dragon and Baby Dragon were deployed behind us. (My question, why does the king bring BABY dragons to battles?)

The enemy King was out of Elixir, so we promptly destroyed his tower. My friend barely survived, and thus was taken to the ER. When we got home, we got showered with cheers, 30 trophies, and 20 gold, not to mention a very shiny, new, purple, Magical Chest. "Not Super but not Silver, we figured. We were told it would be opened in 12 hours. 12 Hours? What a wait! Especially for us, who rarely lived more than 2 years after starting training at the age of 13. (Except for Baby Dragons, that is).

Anyways, we lived, and happily, until the next duel.


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