Hello everybody, and this will be my second blog post! As you might know, most wikias have alternative things that make you see the game in a different way. However, here, most blogs talk just about new card ideas or CR updates, card ratings, etc.

However, this will be a little bit more like a story of the life of your average Mini P.E.K.K.A.

If the topic does not interest you, there is no need to read further.

Chapter 1: (The first and probably last chapter) The Close Call Duel

    This was the Day. The king had declared war on another king due to richness arguments and trophy difference. (And other random reasons I don't feel like putting down). He sent out his army, while the enemy king sent his own. 
    Shortly afterwards, the duel became something like a right-lane rush. I was never called, so I just watched my friends charge at the enemy tower.

~Time Skip~

    Now, our allies are destroying the enemy king's tower, while our own is being attacked.Soon enough, defense troops are sent to defend the enemy, but our force is too strong. We destroy the enemy king before they can. All the survivors return home, being cheered by others who weren't in the duel. I was in the crowd, happy for my friends.
    The king then said we'd have another duel pretty soon, and had to train for it. Training was generally boring, just lifting weights, smashing dummies, and resisting arrows, etc. Just what you'd expect from our brutal training.
    We were proud of our victory, but we knew much more awaited us.


I really tried to make this nice. The story takes place from the view of a Mini P.E.K.K.A who isn't in the battle, but watches it among others. Please either leave nice comments, state whether I should make a second chapter, and don't say anything criticizing or rude. I hope this story was worth reading.

Leave suggestions in the comments section below. Bye 4 now!