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    Clash Royale has a diverse amount of cards. However, there a few cards which are overpowered or really annoying to deal with. Some of the ideas are made for countering overpowered untis. Other ideas are to change the overall metagame. Here are all the card ideas which I have thought about.

    The Rocketeer shoots rocket based projectiles. The more damage she does, the faster her hit speed becomes. 

    Rocketeer can be used to take down tanks as she increases her hit speed every time she does 500 damage. The starting reload time is 1.1 sec and the max reload speed is 0.8 sec. This unit can be used as a distraction/offensive unit.

    Placing behind tanks is a viable strategy as she can take out troops that are trying to take down the tank unit. It can b…

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  • MechaBlaze

    Here are some card ideas that I came up with. Please leave a comment down to let me know about improvements and changes that I should do with these ideas. After you read the ideas, please take this poll to tell me what is your favourite card idea. This is the link to the poll.

    1.(TROOP) Ice Spirits (3 Elixir Epic Arena 5?) Ice Spirits are exactly like the fire spirits except the do less damage and they slow down the enemy (Like the ice wizard). They are an alternative crowd control card which people can use.

    2.(SPAWNER) Frozen Lake (5~6 Elixir Epic Arena 5?) This is a spawner which spawns ice spirits. Operates exactly like the furnace.

    2. (DEFENCE) Catapult (4 elixir Rare Arena 6?) This is a offensive building …

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    The X-bow is the most annoying card to deal with. It is a 6 elixir offensive building. But with a few counters, anyone can defeat this dirty card. These are 10 strategies I use to deal with the X-bow.

    The Rocket is a really good counter for the X-bow. It is also good against dealing with a bunch of defensive building surrounding the X-bow. It costs 6 elixir which is the same as the X-bow. It takes out the X-bow instantaneously, leaving you with the elixir advantage.

    This counter is good when your opponent has a Tesla beside his X-bow. Place the Hog Rider and get it to activate the tesla. Fireball both the tesla and the X-bow. Your hog should take out the tesla and then the X-bow.

    This counter works when he goes with X-bow + Barbarians. Same c…

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    Clash Royale. The game where you use troops to destroy enemy towers. There are many strategies and counters for each and individual card in the game. Today, we will be covering all of this along with a few other important things. So let’s head right into it.

    Arrows are a 3 elixir (common) spell card. This cards purpose is to get rid of light troops such as Skeleton Army (Arena 0), Spear Goblins (Arena 1), Goblins (Arena 1), Skeletons (Arena 2), Minions (Arena 2) and Minion Horde (Arena 4). This can also be used to eliminate a bunch of light troops at once as well as finishing off towers.

    Use this to get rid of small bunches of light troops at once (Minion Horde, light troops, Princess etc.). This can be used to deal with the Goblin Barre…

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