aka A complete 100% nerd and Hog Cycle User

  • I live in Somewhere in the Universe P.S. I'm not giving out my Brithday because SECURITY
  • My occupation is Destroying lvl910s as a lvl9 at 3000 Trophies. Also being a complete nerd. Currently I'm gathering data at 2800 trophies for analysis and how good I am with my Hog Dart Cycle.
  • I am Male
  • MMAwesome3000


    May 8, 2017 by MMAwesome3000

    Hi Clashers. So currently I'm conducting a bit of research on my Clash Royale skill and want to find out what percentile I am compared to all Clashers, because I'm a nerd. I have it all planned out and I've already got 100 or so battles of data I can use, and I need a way to determine the raw strength of a deck with a single variable, so I can compare two decks and say, "Hey! His deck strength is stronger than mine! That means my opponent had an advantage. No wonder I lost that match!". I have card levels as one factor, but I need to find out the significance of the King Level compared to card upgrades. To put it simply, I need to figure out how many "card upgrades" a King Level Upgrade is worth. Or more simply, having a Lvl 2 King Tower a…

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