I'm back. With new wishes for future balance changes. Yay?

Wishes for Balance Changes

  • Giant: Hitpoints decreased by 12%, Damage decreased by 10%.

Giant remains overused, and such nerf will hopefully decrease his popularity.

  • Hog Rider: Hitpoints increased by 5%, Damage decreased by 20%.

This man hits too hard, and he will definitely get one hit off your tower if you don't have the right cards in your hand.

  • Royal Giant: Hitpoints decreased by 5%, Range decreased to 5.

Make him walk! Instead of letting him stand at the side of the riverbank.

  • Sparky: Elixir cost decreased to 5 (from 6), Damage decreased by 50%, Hit speed decreased to 3 seconds.

I'm not sure if this would work out, but no harm giving it a try.

  • Rocket: Crown Tower Damage reduced by 50%.

To stop jerks out there from rocketing your tower to death.

  • Three Musketeers: Rarity changed to epic, Elixir cost increased to 10 (from 9).

Without decent cards to counter it, GG.