This update started terribly for me lol.

Me: Creating tournaments 

Me: Insert tourney info into the clan.

5 minutes later

Clan Member A: Can't find

Clan Member B: Same here

Ok this is terrible lol.


I haven't really see how effective is this balance, but I have to say the fixed length of tournament sucks.

We are only given 1 hour to play in the tourneys, since the other 2 hours are preparation time. And within these 3 hours, with all my clanmates not being able to get into the tourney, it is completely pointless (although I'll still get some cards).

New Cards

Is this the first time Supercell released cards like that? The curiosity is burning in me right now lol. Why don't they release the new cards all at once :/

Ok my opinions kinda suck, and please don't judge. XD

LucasH181 (talk)