I'm Lucas, and I wanted to talk about some of the cards in the game.

Opinions on Various Cards

  • Giant

The giant is common regardless in what arena. Its hitpoints and damage serve as a good option for a tank. Despite its several nerfs, this big guy will still remain overused. A nerf to 6 elixir might be an option I can think of. (Don't get triggered if you're a giant user.)

  • Giant Skeleton

Other than its staggering death damage, this card is proven to be utter trash as it gets distracted too easily as a tank. Most of the time my valkyrie just kills its support troops, and even this big guy itself. An increase in its damage (not death damage) or a decrease in elixir cost could be an option I can think of.

  • Mega Minion

Ever since its release, this became one of the troublesome cards I encounter (especially being at the back of a tank). This flying creature just packs decent damage onto my towers and troops, and I usually open myself to a 3-crown defeat since players always have the giant and prince with the mega minions as well. This card brings good value, and I wish for an increase in the elixir cost, or a decrease in its damage.

These are the cards I currently want to address about. I might post more opinions about more cards in the future. Note that these are just my opinions, and please do not post nasty comments. 

LucasH181 (talk)