The RSA Strategy/Card deck, also known as Really Spammy Army, Is extremely effective when you are a low level player. This is most effective in Arena 2, and a bit less effective than Arena 2 for Arena 1. The idea is you create a card deck with the elixir costs of the cards extremely low, and the recommended AEC (Average elixir cost) under 3.3. 

Recommended cards:

  • The Knight is very important. It is a must-have. It is an extremely good tanking unit that does lots of damage with a fast attack rate, costing only 3 elixir. This is the best multipurpose troop in the game.
  • The Skeletons card is very cost-efficient, being the cheapest card in the game. It summons 4 skeletons low in health, but with their fast attack rate and damage they are a very good distracting card and good for taking down cards like the Giant.
  • The Minions are a really good card. They are flying units so most cards cannot damage them. They attack fast so they can easily take down troops, and cards like Mini P.E.K.K.A. and other units like it.
  • The Tombstone is a very useful Building. It only costs 3 elixir and summons skeletons. When destroyed it releases 5 skeletons.
  • The Goblins and the Spear Goblins are very useful 2 elixir troops. They can do lots of damage overtime. Spear Goblins can attack air units.
  • The Bomber can take out a group of small units in nothing time. Super useful!