Spawner Rating : ☆          :BAD.

                              ☆☆      :OK.

                              ☆☆☆  :GOOD.

Tombstone(☆☆) : We will use this as Skeleton Army. Maybe you will get this before you get Skeleton Army. You could use this to counter Prince or Hog Rider. Goblin Hut(☆☆☆) : This is a lower Arena Furnace. But this don't have area damage, but the same, anti air spawner.
Furnace(☆☆☆) : This is useful when you are a high arena player. Don't use this when you first get it. The Fire Spirits could not reach the tower when you are a lower arena player. 

Barbarian Hut(☆) : This is completely a very expensive spawner. But if you put Barbarian + Barbarian Hut, it is super. But beware if Wizards and Fireball.


Cost :3 elixir


Cost :5 elixir


Cost :7 elixir


Cost :4 elixir