Which Tank To Use?

Max point:10      

Giant : (8/10) A tank for basic players.

Giant Skeleton : (6/10) Damage and health not enough. But the bomb is very OP.

P.E.K.K.A. : (8/10) High damage and health. But could still be killed by swarms.

Lava Hound : (6/10) Low damage and health, even lower than Giant. But since it was the hardest tank to counter, I put it to 6/10.

Golem : (9/10) Highest hitpoints, and the only thing that could counter it was the Inferno Tower . This is because only the Inferno Tower could stop the Golem damage the Tower.

Royal Giant : (8/10) This is a good one because it will do more  damage to the tower when it meets the Skeleton Army.