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  • I was born on April 1
  • I am a skeleton who named Larry
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    Why am I using PEKKA

    October 12, 2017 by Larry army

    PEKKA is a tank that I always have in my deck. I prefer to use PEKKA because we can use it to counterpush easily. Example if my enemy sent a hog rider, I can use PEKKA to counter, and then support the PEKKA with a splash-damage troop e.g. Baby Dragon. PEKKA can be use to counter lots of things like hog rider, golem, giant, e-wiz and many more.

    But the thing is that I hate to meet opponents that have inferno tower, inferno dragon or sparky. They are great counters to PEKKA. And this is why I want to get the e-wiz.


                                        ...AND GREAT DAMAGE !!!                                                   

    • Baby Dragon
    • Poison
    • Hog Rider
    • Ice Wizard 
    • Witch
    • Zap

    Note: These cards come from different de…

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    Max point:10      

    Giant : (8/10) A tank for basic players.

    Giant Skeleton : (6/10) Damage and health not enough. But the bomb is very OP.

    P.E.K.K.A. : (8/10) High damage and health. But could still be killed by swarms.

    Lava Hound : (6/10) Low damage and health, even lower than Giant. But since it was the hardest tank to counter, I put it to 6/10.

    Golem : (9/10) Highest hitpoints, and the only thing that could counter it was the Inferno Tower . This is because only the Inferno Tower could stop the Golem damage the Tower.

    Royal Giant : (8/10) This is a good one because it will do more  damage to the tower when it meets the Skeleton Army.

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  • Larry army
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  • Larry army

    Name: Techy Musketeer (A Musketeer with a machine gun.)

    Rarity: Epic

    Type: Troop

    Cost:6 Elixir

    Obtained in: Builder's Workshop (Arena 6)


    Discribtion: This techy musketeer recently upgraded her booms tick into a machine gun! It is super OP and will get nerved later in the future, but it's awesome. Good luck countering her!

    Hitpoints: 340

    Dmg: 100

    Dps: 500

    Hit speed: 0.2 secs

    Range: 6

    Speed: Medium

    Targets: Ground and air

    Deploy time: 1 sec

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    Which spawned to use?

    February 27, 2017 by Larry army

    Spawner Rating : ☆          :BAD.

                                  ☆☆      :OK.

                                  ☆☆☆  :GOOD.

    Tombstone(☆☆) : We will use this as Skeleton Army. Maybe you will get this before you get Skeleton Army. You could use this to counter Prince or Hog Rider. Goblin Hut(☆☆☆) : This is a lower Arena Furnace. But this don't have area damage, but the same, anti air spawner.
    Furnace(☆☆☆) : This is useful when you are a high arena player. Don't use this when you first get it. The Fire Spirits could not reach the tower when you are a lower arena player. 

    Barbarian Hut(☆) : This is completely a very expensive spawner. But if you put Barbarian + Barbarian Hut, it is super. But beware if Wizards and Fireball.

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