Hello. Call me KM.

The 3 things that I most truly despise in CR are listed below. What did you say? Stop and smell the flowers? Nah, these things basically nullify their smell. I don't physically rage very often, so this may be boring.

Coming up in number 3....... (Drumroll)

Falling for spellbait!

I feel like a dumbbell when this happens, which is alot. Especially Fireball bait. When the enemy places an elixir collector behind a tower, you can't help but think: "Oh, that Pump over there looks so juicy to fireball..." And so you do it and forget that your enemy uses the 3 Cancerteers. The biggest rage I had over this was sitting at the corner, staring at the wall and rethinking life.

Formidably, in number 2..... (Drumroll)

The Nova clan!

Recently I have discovered that a Leader of a Nova branch so rudely plastered on Twitter a poor guy's personal phone number, telling everyone that texting it will give a whopping 100 gems. The guy was bombarded with so much acidic comments on his phone. Why did Nova do this? Because the guy exposed their win-trading antics. Hear that? These guys are willing to publicly harrass somebody because of a MOBILE GAME. The biggest rage I had over Nova was this rant here, as well as flipping the bird on their clan logo multiple times.

And last but not the least, number one..... (Log roll)

Here's a riddle: What has 8 legs, 6 ribs, 4 wings, armor, and infinite bombs?

You probably know the answer.

This super devastating meta deck has made me lose the final battle from Builder's Workshop to Royal Arena 3 DANG TIMES IN A ROW! There is basically no way to render it useless, aside from the Inferno Tower that I don't use. Minion Horde gets rekt by Arrows, Musketeer + Ice WIzard defense rekt to Lightning. Pushing the other side does not work as well. The biggest rage I had over LavaLoonion decks was the 4th time I've lost to them. I started whacking a dirt pile with a golf club while shouting "CANCER CANCER CANCER!!!!!!!!" I may have problems lel

I hope you enjoyed