aka Quagswore

  • I live in the internet.
  • My occupation is absorbing water, nullifying self-destruction, ignoring annoying buff dances, and Scalding.
  • I am a random Quagsire passing by.
  • Kirnemiscrits

    Hello. Call me KM.

    The 3 things that I most truly despise in CR are listed below. What did you say? Stop and smell the flowers? Nah, these things basically nullify their smell. I don't physically rage very often, so this may be boring.

    Falling for spellbait!

    I feel like a dumbbell when this happens, which is alot. Especially Fireball bait. When the enemy places an elixir collector behind a tower, you can't help but think: "Oh, that Pump over there looks so juicy to fireball..." And so you do it and forget that your enemy uses the 3 Cancerteers. The biggest rage I had over this was sitting at the corner, staring at the wall and rethinking life.

    The Nova clan!

    Recently I have discovered that a Leader of a Nova branch so rudely plastered on Twitte…

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