This guide is to help new Discussion Moderators, present and future, to become acquainted with their new rank and abilities.

What does it mean to be a Discussion Moderator?

Discussion Moderator is a rank that is typically given to Rollbacks. Being promoted to Rollback and Discussion Moderator means that you have been recognized as a helpful and trustworthy user and are ready to be given some extra tools to help manage the wiki.

What can I do now that I am a Discussion Moderator?

Discussion Moderators are given tools that allow them to manage Forum threads, article comments, and Message Wall threads.


Moderators can:

  • Close, reopen, remove, and restore threads
  • Remove and restore replies
  • Highlight and un-highlight threads
  • Move threads between boards
  • Manage boards (editing names, descriptions and order)
  • Delete and edit other people's article comments


Discussion Moderators should use their tools to enforce thread related rules such as the following:

  • No post or comment should contain inappropriate content, profanity, bullying, or scams. Any offending posts/comments should be removed. If the offense is severe enough to warrant blocking that user, an administrator should be notified.
  • A Clan should not have more than one thread about them. Any threads about a Clan that already has another thread should be removed.
  • Threads should be posted on the correct Board. Any threads on the wrong board should be moved.

Moderators/Rollbacks should not have to worry about highlighting/unhighlighting or managing boards. If a change to either of these things is needed, it should be discussed with an admin or bureaucrat.

Being a Rollback

If you are a Discussion Moderator, you should also be a Rollback. Click here to read about being a Rollback.