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    Finding their first legendary card is the most anticipated achievement for many Clash Royale players. Legendary cards and the unique abilities that they possess can be game-changers, allowing you to surprise and overpower your opponents and take their trophies. The only problem: legendary cards can be elusive, but don't worry. There are plenty of ways to increase your chances of getting them. Read on to find out just how to do that!

    As it turns out, any chest in Clash Royale from the P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse arena and beyond besides the Epic Chest has the potential to contain a legendary card. However, the odds of getting a legendary card varies widely between different chests. There are several factors that go into determining how rare it is …

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    Adding facts to an article is a great way to help build the wiki, but there are lots of other things that go into articles as well. We have many tools at our disposal to present information in the best possible way. All of these tools can seem overwhelming, but I have written a series of guides in a brief, easy-to-understand format to help editors learn how to better improve articles. Click the button below to check them out!


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    November 9, 2016 by King Dragonhoff

    Templates are pages in the Template Namespace that are transcluded into multiple content pages. When a template is transcluded, the template page is copied onto the page. Templates can also be used to process inputs and display different results using parameters.

    The basic template Wikitext mark-up is the template's name surrounded by two curly brackets. Example: .

    • Template:Card - used to post and regulate card images
    • Template:Icon - used to post and regulate icon images
    • Template:CardChance - used to display the odds of getting cards from a chest
    • Category:Lookup Templates - used to supply data to other templates. The following need to be updated every time a new card is released:
      • Template:LookupCardRarity
      • Template:LookupCardCost
      • Template:LookupCar…

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    This guide is to help new administrators, present and future, to become acquainted with their new rank and abilities.

    Congratulations, you have proved yourself to be a very well-trusted, knowledgeable, and helpful editor, so you have been promoted to the rank of administrator, but this should be no surprise to you. If the wiki's Staff Members think that you show potential to be a good Staff Member as well, they will contact you to discuss it with you.

    Administrator is a Wikia rank one step above rollback and one step below bureaucrat. Being promoted to administrator means that you have been recognized for your continued helpfulness and excellent display of editing and community skills and knowledge. It also means that you are on the road to …

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    This guide is to help new Discussion Moderators, present and future, to become acquainted with their new rank and abilities.

    Discussion Moderator is a rank that is typically given to Rollbacks. Being promoted to Rollback and Discussion Moderator means that you have been recognized as a helpful and trustworthy user and are ready to be given some extra tools to help manage the wiki.

    Discussion Moderators are given tools that allow them to manage Forum threads, article comments, and Message Wall threads.

    Moderators can:

    • Close, reopen, remove, and restore threads
    • Remove and restore replies
    • Highlight and un-highlight threads
    • Move threads between boards
    • Manage boards (editing names, descriptions and order)
    • Delete and edit other people's article comments


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