WOW. I just discovered something that will help everyone. Here I go...

First, my friend, Peter, got a magical chest after winning 21 games. I thought, 21, haha. So far its not big news.

Here is the news, I started a mini account, and when I got 17 wins, I thought that it would be cool if I got a magical chest after 21 wins. So I saved a chest slot, battled, and won. Then guess what? Yep. On the 21st win for me, and my friend Peter, we got a magical chest.

Pretty sick, huh. My prediction is that Supercell made it so that you get a magical chest after your 21st win... Now open a chest slot when u won 20 battles. See if you will get a magical chest if you win (I BET you will)!

Thanks and hope you get good cards on your magical chest. Again, I discovered something pretty awesome, and I am pleased to share this with you.

FYI:I am in a clan called hounds of death, and my name is 3 star pro.

COMMENT if there are any concerns, comments, etc. Once again, thanks for reading and clash on!!!