• Kanehasegawa

    Hi guys, I thought of a pretty good update idea. It is traps.

    In Clash of Clans, there were traps. These included bombs, spring traps, air bomb, seeking air mines, and the skeleton trap. Why not add them in Clash Royale???

    They can all be 4 elixer, 1 tile needed. The opponent can see the traps. Only 3 traps per person can be on the battle field. All traps are not too OP (except for the seeking air mine, which we can say is 5 elixer or something) but wouldn't it be cool?

    Lastly, I think that the elixer count should be: bombs:2 spring traps:3 air bomb:3 and seeking air mines:5. skeleton traps shoulnt be added since there are already skeletons in the game.

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  • Kanehasegawa

    WOW. I just discovered something that will help everyone. Here I go...

    First, my friend, Peter, got a magical chest after winning 21 games. I thought, 21, haha. So far its not big news.

    Here is the news, I started a mini account, and when I got 17 wins, I thought that it would be cool if I got a magical chest after 21 wins. So I saved a chest slot, battled, and won. Then guess what? Yep. On the 21st win for me, and my friend Peter, we got a magical chest.

    Pretty sick, huh. My prediction is that Supercell made it so that you get a magical chest after your 21st win... Now open a chest slot when u won 20 battles. See if you will get a magical chest if you win (I BET you will)!

    Thanks and hope you get good cards on your magical chest. Again, I dis…

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