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  • Justinjake.ashton

    Is the term "unhindered" counted as a new canon term? It seems to have been used quite commonly in multiple pages, notably when referring to Minions. Allowing a card to attack unhindered is...:

    1. ...not having any cards placed on the field to defend against a specific attacker(s).

    2. ...being totally defenseless against an attacker(s).

    I know that this is a weird subject to make a blog about but I am just curious.

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  • Justinjake.ashton

    I think they should make an Arena called Floating Isles or Highland Peaks. It should contain Dragon, Healer, Monk Rider, Sweeper, Eagle Artillery and Jump Spell.

    Dragon (7 Elixir) - Stronger version of Baby Dragon.

    Healer (5 Elixir) - Heals allied ground troops in its AoE. (You guys might hate me for this.)

    Monk Rider (6 Elixir) - Hog Rider with lowered stats and added passive abilities. Iron WIll - Receives less damage at 51% - 100% HP. Battle Frenzy - Loses Iron Will and gains Movement Speed and Attack Speed at 1% - 50% HP. It looks like the Hog Rider performing martial arts with his hog from the commercial.

    Sweeper (4 Elixir) - Knocks back ALL units depending on unit movement speed. Flying units get knocked back farther while ground troops CAN …

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