Clash Royale: A fast paced game in the world of clash of clans. This game is a brilliant timewaster, it hooks you on easily and doesn't let you go. I really enjoy Clash Royale because you can play clash of clans but within the time between upgrades and training troops you can play a game with troops that you are familiar with and converse with other people from your clan, or a completely different clan. But that is simply my opinion, alot of other people have not been enjoying Clash Royal as much as I have and I want to know why. If you are a player of Clash of Clans don't put hate on Supercell for developing a new game, we should be congratulating them, even if they put time off clash of clans. If you have another reason why you don't like it, explain it and make sure that your reason is valid.

-- iiJosh