Invader Tom

aka Tom a.k.a Watro

  • I live in in biggie cheese’s stomach
  • I was born on June 9
  • My occupation is pretending to be a piece of cheese
  • I am The 785746284856563929857560287456758372747574848483838282838383828383849th gender.
  • Invader Tom

    Ah, yes. The Hog Rider. One of the greatest cards in the game. It's hard to counter sometimes, but one thing rest assured: By the end of this blog, you'll have no trouble countering Hog Riders.

    1. Goblins.

    If you can spare a few hits on your tower, Goblins are the best bet. Why? Because you'll earn 2 Elixir, you can use your OWN Hog Rider with the Goblins, starting a deadly combo.

    2. Skeletons.

    While not as good as Goblins, these guys can prevent LOTS of damage. Not good, but not really bad.

    3. Barbarians.

    Why is it Number 3? While this is the best counter, you'll have a good counterpush and everything, it costs 1 more Elixir. That is CRUCIAL.

    4. Mini P.

    A pretty good counter to the Hog, but it is too slow AND if the enemy has Goblins with it, you…

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  • Invader Tom

    Adult: "F2P, in Frozen Peak, Lvl 8. No Legendaries."


    We all know this is how the conversations go. Problems and Solutions. Credit to SuperRobot for giving me the idea.

    Problem 1. Royale Giant.

    I can't NOT put the Royale Giant on a problems and solutions list! That's like doing a review on Invader Zim and not mentioning how DARK it is. The Royale Giant is BRO-KEN.

    Solution 1. Nerf the Damage and HP.

    Both of these things would be great. Make the Damage 17 less. Make the HP 300 less. To keep it good, make the Royale Giant have a 0.2-0.4 quicker attack speed.

    Problem 2. Legendaries.

    Not putting this on a problem and solution list is a literal SIN.

    Solution 2.…

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