• The Legendary Arena used a new type of Trophy known as "Legend Trophies".
    • Legend Trophies are gained at the end of every Legendary Arena Season.
      • Each season lasts 14 days and picks out new top players.
    • After a Legendary Arena Season has ended, all players that have over 4,000 trophies will have their Trophy counts reset to 4,000 trophies.
    • The Trophies that were deducted will be added to the player's Legend Trophy count. For example, a player has 4800 trophies. The trophies will be reset to 4000 and 800 Legend trophies will be added to the player's Legend Trophy count.
  • Legend Trophies do not count towards your ranking in the Leaderboard.
    • This means that there will be a new top player every season, and all players will start at square one when a new season starts.
  • The Legend Trophy system was deactivated at 13/3/17, meaning no more Legendary Arena Seasons.
    • This was changed to a League system, which lasts a month.
    • However, Legend Trophies will still remain in the profiles section.

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