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  • GeometryCraft

    • The Legendary Arena used a new type of Trophy known as "Legend Trophies".
      • Legend Trophies are gained at the end of every Legendary Arena Season.
        • Each season lasts 14 days and picks out new top players.
      • After a Legendary Arena Season has ended, all players that have over 4,000 trophies will have their Trophy counts reset to 4,000 trophies.
      • The Trophies that were deducted will be added to the player's Legend Trophy count. For example, a player has 4800 trophies. The trophies will be reset to 4000 and 800 Legend trophies will be added to the player's Legend Trophy count.
    • Legend Trophies do not count towards your ranking in the Leaderboard.
      • This means that there will be a new top player every season, and all players will start at square one when a n…

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  • GeometryCraft
    • Get more trophies in tournaments to get better prizes!
    • The Miner uses shovel instead of using magic.
    • Overlooking the Musketeers will be a cardinal sin!
    • Golems and Golemites never vanish without harming others.
    • You cannot join a tournament while a tournament chest is being unlocked.
    • Break the Shield of the Guards to destroy the bone piles!
    • Clans unlock at level 3.
    • Lumberjack is full of rage that drops upon death.
    • Remember: no Freeze nor Ice Wizards unlocks at the peak!
    • The Knight is so handsome, unlike some Barbarians.
    • There's a Balloon hovering the horizon?! Better watch out!
    • The Princess hates jerms, so keep 'em out of her!
    • Shop unlocks at level 1.
    • The Giant Skeleton: Funny-looking, humiliating.. and deadly.
    • Join challenges and win more to get better r…
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  • GeometryCraft

    Some tips

    August 16, 2016 by GeometryCraft

    These are some tips for playing Clash Royale.

    Of course, leveling up will make sure your towers have more health, and make your enemies be mad because they got matched with a higher opponent. But upgrade cards that you use most.

    Upgrading Tesla when you use GoHo decks will be a waste of gold. You could have upgraded something else.

    Lets say that you have just entered a newer(and higher) arena.

    1. Don't play multiplayer for 1~2 days. This is because you might be demoted and say you got nothing while staying in that arena. Use Free Chests and donations to stablize some newer cards.
    2. TBC
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