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  • GazpachoMasterX

    I'm pretty new to this wiki, but I have been playing Clash Royale for a while (I'm now in the 3rd arena). This is a well crafted game, and I see that they keep adding new troops to each arena every once in a while. Thus I've decided to share my ideas with you.

    Viking (Barbarian Bowl): Similar functionality to the Knight.  He runs at a medium speed and has moderate HP, but he hits harder with every hit on a single target (Like an Inferno Tower). 4 Elixir

    Wicked Witch (Spell Valley): Flying troop that flies at a high speed (on her broom obviously). Her attacks are rather slow but deal area damage. The drawback is her low HP, barely higher than Minion's. 4 Elixir

    Jester (Royal Arena): Has no fighting capabilities whatsoever, but he has a passiveā€¦

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