Card name: The Plague

Description: It infects two enemy troops, then it spreads... sadly, the nearby hospital was demolished a few days ago.

Rarity: Epic

Cost: 4 elixir

What it does: When played, infects the two enemy troops with the lowest health. If there is only one enemy troop, it will infect only that troop. The infected immediately becomes able to spread it. The effects start 2 seconds after infection - the troop's speed begins to slow by 1 every second, the attack damage is decreased by 5% and the attack speed is increased by 5%. 5 seconds after initial infection, poison starts and gets worse by 5% DPS every second.

To infect another troop, the infected one has to be within a half-tile radius of an uninfected troop. There is a 25% chance of recovering after some seconds have passed.


Format: Level: Starting DPS, seconds before recovery.

Level 1: 10 DPS, 1

Level 2: 15 DPS, 2

Level 3: 25 DPS, 3

Level 4: 40 DPS, 3

Level 5: 50 DPS, 4

Level 6: 95 DPS, 4

Level 7: 110 DPS, 4

Level 8: 150 DPS, 5

Card image description: Shows as bacteria or viruses inside a small vial (the poison/zap kind)