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  • Galleigo

    New Card Idea 1

    March 16, 2017 by Galleigo

    Card name: The Plague

    Description: It infects two enemy troops, then it spreads... sadly, the nearby hospital was demolished a few days ago.

    Rarity: Epic

    Cost: 4 elixir

    What it does: When played, infects the two enemy troops with the lowest health. If there is only one enemy troop, it will infect only that troop. The infected immediately becomes able to spread it. The effects start 2 seconds after infection - the troop's speed begins to slow by 1 every second, the attack damage is decreased by 5% and the attack speed is increased by 5%. 5 seconds after initial infection, poison starts and gets worse by 5% DPS every second.

    To infect another troop, the infected one has to be within a half-tile radius of an uninfected troop. There is a 25% chance…

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  • Galleigo

    The Ultimate Push

    March 16, 2017 by Galleigo

    NOTE: This is mainly directed to noobs.

    For a good "push" (an attack on an enemy crown tower), you need 3 types of troops:

    1. DPS (Prince, P.E.K.K.A., etc.)
    2. AoE (Witch, Wizard, etc.)
    3. Tank (Giant, etc.)

    Keep in mind the 3 different types of troop cards (DPS, AoE and Swarm) work in a scissors-paper-stone way:

    DPS kills AoE

    AoE kills Swarm

    Swarm kills DPS

    A tower is a single object. Therefore, a DPS troop is essential (either this or a swarm, but a swarm can easily be taken out by arrows). A DPS troop, like a Prince, is easily killed by a cheap swarm like a Skeleton Army, so use a Witch or a Wizard to support.

    The problem now is that the AoE troop is usually quite squishy and will quickly killed by a tower. The DPS troop sometimes can take damage however …

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