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    Hi guys and gals Galbers Gaming here with another 3500+ trophy deck with troop levels no higher than 10/7/4/1. This guide’s focus is on a Zap/Arrow Bait Deck with a twist and that twist is none other than the Clone Spell. I have written a 3500+ Zap Bait deck guide, however the addition of the Clone Spell which may make the deck a little harder to play certainly makes up for it in the three star capability and fun department as well as the kudos factor of using a new card. I should also state here that I have recently, unintentionally and disappointingly leveled up to level 11 but I still believe that this is a 3500+ deck and I am currently sitting on 3602 trophies with it.

    Before I go on to explain this deck just a quick message: if you lik…

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  • GalbersGaming

    The Elite Barbarians are, using SuperCell’s words, “like regular Barbarians, only harder, better, faster and stronger”. On a one to one basis SuperCell ain’t wrong but Barbarians beat Elite Barbarians due to their superior numbers, for one less Elixir I may add.

    The speed of the Elite Barbarians, very fast, reduces the reaction speed of the player trying to defend against them. A solid strategy which I show in my video is the Elite Barbarians coupled with the Miner.

    Elite Barbarians although they don’t do as much damage as Barbarians, they still kill tanks very quickly and due to their speed they are very good in counter attack especially like I said above, when paired with the Miner.

    Against Barbarians I like to drop Minions down which if ti…

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