Okay everybody, here I will be sharing one of my successful decks in Frozen Peak. As mentioned in the title, this deck has NO Legendary cards. 


Hog Rider

Skeleton Army




Inferno Tower


Main Push: Bowler + Musketeer + Hog Rider + 2 Fire Spirits(from the Furnace)

For defense, use the Inferno Tower to incinerate Giants, Hog Riders, P.E.K.K.A.s, etc.

Use Fireball to counter Wizards, Musketeers, and Minion Hordes. Use it on other troops if absolutely neccessary. 

Zap is best used against Skarmies. However, if low on elixir, can be used to severely weaken Minion Horde. Also, use its stun effect to your advantage.

Bowler is good against spawners, as his linear attacks can damage the building itself as well as the spawned troops. It is also a good but expensive counter to the Skarmy(don't put him right in the middle of the Skarmy, though. Put him in the front.) 

I'm pretty sure you guys know how to use Skarmy, so I'm not going to elaborate.

Musketeers can effectively bring down Baby Dragon and Balloon. Substitutes:

Bowler ---> Valkyrie or Wizard

Inferno Tower ---> Tesla

Musketeer ---> Wizard

That's about it! Good luck with this deck!