Everyone is saying that they hate RG, because his range and easy to upgrade, however he's very weak in tournaments because he can't be over leveled. So don't worry in tournaments, but for ladder, here's my top 5 best ways to counter the Royal giant

1. The inferno tower

File:IMG 0001.png

The inferno tower is probably the best way to counter the RG if used correctly, its overtime damage increase really helps! Inferno tower also only cost 5 elixir and it gives you a positive elixir trade!

2. The elite barbarians

File:IMG 0002.png

Oh god, another cancer card, the elite barbarians were actually good on defense too! It's very high damage and health allowing them to quickly kill the RG without being worried by any spells (except rocket) it'll be a neutral elixir trade and will help on counterattacking

3. Skeleton army

File:IMG 0003.png

Larry's army can basically swarm anything but Valkyrie, meaning that it can kill Royal giant for a massive 3 elixir positive trade, but it's too easy to beat as players backup RG

4. Inferno dragon

Just like the inferno tower, inferno dragon works the same , except it's more rewarding but less reliable because the lack of ability to distract and easily countered
File:IMG 0004.png

5. Barbarian hut / tombstone

Last but not least, 2 of the spawners , barb hut and tombstone. The tombstone can spawn at least 6 skeletons total when destroyed (2 regular lifetime, 4 destruction skeletons) making it easy to destroy RG. But people will find surprising with the barbarian hut, it's actually an anti RG card, it had high HP, spawns 2 barbarians. When the RG target the hut, the barbs and the tower will kill the RG as the hut last for long

File:IMG 0005.png
File:IMG 0006.png

So I hope these cards help you deal with RG, and please comment down below what you thought and ask me to do how to counter what card, up next, I'll teach you to counter the most cancerous building, the furnace