Considered as one of the best legendaries in the game, the miner is sometimes really hard to time your cards to counter him. But despite practicing your timing, there's still some cards to counter him, here's my top 5 cards to counter him

1. The Skeleton army

I know, it's very hard to get a positive Elixir trade due to miner's low cost, but try to have neutral elixir trade, skeleton army's high number lets Them overwhelm the miner. But you need to hope opponent don't have spells or support unit a killing them. But it's still a good trade.

2. The knight

If you don't want it to be too risky, the knight is able to do the sameness thing as the skeleton army, but it's going to take much longer, but it worth it because it had way more health so Zap, fireball won't affect him. And prepare for a counter push for sure!

3. Tornado

Ok if you're trolling, this might actually be the best way to troll the miner. It definitely won't kill the miner, but that's good thing because it can't pull the miner to the king tower and activate it. Giving you a huge advantage

4. Fireball and Log

Only an expert can master it! Just like the tornado, the fireball and the log can push the miner to the king! (Watch one of the the funny moments and you'll know.) But it is very very hard to master. However even if failed the fireball can still do very good damage to the miner while the Log might force them he miner to retarget.

5. All mini tanks

Their high hp will allow them to tank a lot from the miner. Plus the miner deals like low damage making the mini tank like unharmed, the only exception is the ice golem, As it'll walk away, but the others are amazing counters!

So feel free to comment how you think and what should i do next