I heard some of you complaining about the Witch, saying "SHE'S SUCH A MONSTER!" I really don't want to do this post, as she's my favourite card, but fine, since so many of you are complaining, FINE! I'll do it!

1. Valkyrie and Executioner


Both Valkyrie and Executioner reached the top spot, They both have high HP, Good damage, allowing them to easily cut down the Witch, also Executioner need a better placement, but it can make a counter attack easily , Valkyrie's 360 degree splash made her very reliable against the witch

2. Bowler


Being slower and weaker made him less effective than Executioner, Bowler's better advantage is his pushback, stopping the Witch from attacking him too much, Bowler's higher HP also allow him to survive longer especially if the Witch is hiding behind Giant Larry

3. Wizard


Wizard finally reached one of the top rankings. Wizard had high damage, easily melting the Witch and her Skeletons , also he's a bit faster, Wizard is vulnerable to high damage troops the witch is supporting though! Wizard is popular so it should be easy to see him burn her

4. Baby Dragon


Being an air troop, Baby Dragon can't be distracted by the Witch's Skeletons, Baby Dragon can melt her easily, taking only less than 5 shots, his impressive HP also made him soak a ton from the Witch, but he definitely takes much longer than most troop to kill her compared to the others. But it worth the time as it cost 1 less elixir than the Witch ! That's why he also reached the #1 spot at my epic card ranking

5. Bomber


Lastly, we have the Bomber. Bomber also finally reached the top rankings. Bomber's insane splash damage and radius allow him to blast the Witch and her skeletons with a 'BOOM!' , but his low HP made him super weak And it's possible that the witch take her out before he take her out

Witch is overall just annoying, but she's balanced, I hope this'll help you counter her better