Ok, let's talk about hog rider, he's fast, strong, tough and cheap and OP! Ok, not exactly OP but it's very annoying, today I'm going to teach you how to stop him.

1. Elite Barbarians


Honestly I'd prefer using Cancer Barbarians on defence instead of Offence, their high DPS and HP made them strong at stopping Hog Riders from hitting the tower twice (Sometimes not even once!), Elite Barbarians although is a negative trade, but it can prepare yourself with a counter push! Also they're most reliable because they run fast, so even if they're hit by fireball, they can still prevent hog from damage your tower twice! That's why use them on defence instead!

2. E-Wiz


The tool allows E-Wiz to stun is a amazing advantage, it can stop hog rider from running, even if he reached the tower, he can only get 1 shot, E-Wiz also deals spawn damage to Zap the supports, making hog even more vulnerable ! ZAP! ELECTRONS!!! (Is it electrons actually?)

3. Plain old Barbarians


Still as reliable as the Elite Barbarians! Barbarians high number allows them to "Block?" The Hog Rider, Barbarians are cheaper! But if the hog reached your tower, and your barbarians had bad placement, they're going to have a terrible time chasing the hog

4. Night witch


She's not only sinister, evil but also deadly! Thanks to her bats, and her insane damage, she and her servants will quickly "Curse" The hog rider to death, even with lightning, her bats will kill the hog, night witch is also very great against hog rider as her bats can't be crushed by the Log.

5. Lumberjack


I think Lumberjack deserves to be the last card in this list instead of Mini PEKKA or prince, I think lumberjack's fast hit speed allow him to kill hog rider faster, Lumberjack is just insanely fast And he's spell proof! It also drops the rage, in case he doesn't kill the hog, the others will wreck the hog, also Lumberjack is much better at counterpushing. LJ is not a bad choice overall!

That's it ! I hope this helps!