Ahhhhhh....... It's been a while since i made a blog post about countering cards, this time as people requested, i decide to make a blog post about how to counter the barrel. Without any further, let's begin

1. Log

Of course the log has to be 1st place, the log deals enough damage to kill goblins, so if you timed correctly, you can kill the goblins, as well as knocking back support troops that are protecting the barrel, POSOTIVE ELIXIR TRADE

2. Zap +

Huh? What does + means? It means overlevelling. The reason i said it's zap+, not zap is because since it got nerfed, it can't 1 shot barrels, but if overleveled, it still can 1 shot it. The Zap+ can also kill the barrel for a posotive elixir trade, but you don't know if their barrel is not underleveled or not, making Zap+ 2nd place

3. Tornado

If you're a troll player, tornado will be a perfect card to counter the barrel, since the last update the tornado can't kill goblins anymore, the tornado can pull the goblins to the king and activate it, giving you a huge advantage, even there isn't a posotive trade

4. Arrows

The Arrows is best used only if you have no choice, as it have no advantage nor posotive elixir trade, but it has a large radius, and it might hit other troops too, and at least it isn't a negative trade,

5. Fireball

the fireball is just the same as arrows, best used if emergency, but that'll be a negative elixir trade

Ok, so these is my guide, what do you think?