The Furnace is probably the one of the, if not the most annoying cards in the game, everyone hates it, I hate it too, but not as much as the other most hated cards. Here I'll talk about the best way to counter the Furnace
Furnace sucks

No more furnaces

1. Lightning

The lighting is probably the best counters to Furnace as it can Strike its health and lifetime down to the point where it can only spawn 1 more wave of Furnace, although negative elixir trade, it worths it if you hit the tower and other supports.
File:IMG 0010.jpg

2. Poison spell

Of course we can't forget poison, it deals so much damage to the Furnace, eliminating a wave or more fire spirits! It's a neutral elixir trade so it wasn't a bad idea to use it!

Poison poison poison poison poison!

3. Miner

Surprise! The miner appearing anywhere is a HUGE advantage to kill the pancake oven, it cost 3 elixir so you're going to get a positive elixir trade, but watch out for supports


4. Mortar

Usually Furnace will always put in front of the arena tower, making mortar a HUGE advantage to hit the Furnace without being distracted by the supports due to the "Blind Spot" mortar at deal splash so even if supports distract it it'll still hit the Furnace!
File:IMG 0011.png

5. Bowler

Last but not least, we had the most infamous bowler, there's a reason why people find it annoying and hate it. Bowler is an anti-spawner, so all spawner will be useless, the Furnace isn't the exception, bowler will crush all spirits and the oven with his rocks
File:IMG 0008.png

So I hope this guide helps you and please feel free to comment what do you think, now that I did all the top 3 most hated cards (E Barbs, RG, Furnace) , comment down below what's next.