The Graveyard is probably one of the most successful legendaries in the game, it's usage is high, use correctly, and your opponents done! Today however, i'm teaching those who doesn't know how to counter Graveyard to counter it.  Top 5 cards to counter the Graveyard starts now.

1. Poison

For sure Poison can be paired wail with Graveyard, but it can ALSO counter the Graveyard, as long as your poison isn't underleveled, Poison's damage was buffed and allow it to kill skeletons 1 shot, and it last 8 seconds, so pretty much all skeletons will be dead, and also Poison only cost 4 elixir oppose to Graveyard 5 elixir, Making Poison one of the most reliable counters.

2. Witch

Like the Poison, the Witch's damage has been buffed, allow her to 1 shot skeletons, and since the Witch attacks very fast, she became more reliable than any splash damage troops to counter the Graveyard, her skeletons can also do some additional work for the witch, and she can prepare a counter push!


3. Valkyrie

Before the poison and the witch got buffed, she can possibly be #1, but she's still very reliable, her 360 degree splash won't allow any skeletons to swarm her, and she can deal with multiple Skeletons at a time, but just because her very slow movement speed and her slow attack speed, made her kind of unreliable compared with the Poison and Witch

4. Minions


Although Minions aren't a splash damage dealer, the Minions can deal an awesome job against graveyard thanks to their high number, flying and Skeletons lack of ability to hit air, and it only cost 3 elixir, meaning that it can give you a posotive elixir trade! But they're too easy to counter, arrows or poison? Goodbye

5. Bats

The bats are just new and already a awesome counter to the Graveyard. Their damage is high enough to 1 shot skeletons, they fly like minions, cost less than minions and more number than minions! But their HP is too low,  Zap and Poison can kill them 1 shot, making them less reliable, and it doesn't work if their graveyard is overleveled, or your bats are underleveled, other than that, it'll still give you a huge 3 elixir posotive trade

So does that help? What do you think about the post?