There's cards that everyone hates, even  I have some! What cards do you hate? Today i'm talking about the most hated cards. Note this isn't my opinion, it's most people's, so don't feel surprised if you don't see the balloon, my most hated card

5. Bowler 

There's a good reason why people hated the bowler, Bowler had high HP, and a knockback effect every attack, making spawners, Swarms and glass cannons stand no chance, meaning the only weakness are air swarms like minion horde since he can't hit air, or big guys with high damage such as the prince since the bowler's damage is low, he's a bit annoying for some people.

4. Furnace

Of course Furnace needs to be #4! I mean what else can be #4 but the Furnace? The Furnace is so far the best spawner or even best building in the game! Why isn't tombstone seen a lot? Because of this! Why people hate it? Because of the fire spirit's high damage and splashing both air and ground! Furnace definetly needs a nerf to bring back all other buildings, I mean a big one!

3. X-Bow

This card is the most ancient card in this list, and since day 1, it's been hated, complained and made people rage quit! After 3 brutal nerfs, it's still hated, X-Bow is not bad nowadays, this card is just an ancient card that everyone hates,  cause if it locks on your tower, then.......... It's hated as much as the Furnace!

2. Royal GG

Royal GG's abillity to shoot building  (Except Princess Towers, X-Bow and Mortar) without being locked on is a big reason why people hate him, only buildings with good placement can stop him, his HP is high, but actually he's very weak since he deals like 75 damage per second only! Giant is much better, but the reason why people hate him more than Giant is because of overlevelling, he's just a common card while Giant is a rare.

Honorable Mentions

Sparky, E-Wiz and Night Witch are also hated, but not as much as the top 5


1. Elite Barbarians

Well then, Elite Barbarians shouldn't be a surprise since Royal GG is 2nd, Elite Barbarians have insane damage, insane speed, good HP and number made them very deadly compared to Royal GG, Royal GG sucks at tournament and 2v2, but the Elite Barbarians isn't, they're commons so they're easy to overlevel, but even without overleveling they can be decent! That's why people hate E-Barbs reaches 1st Place

So what's your top 5? Let me know by comment down your opinion