Since Beatdown deck rise, Golem had outclassed the Giant, and he became OP, and he became very popular, he do have weaknesses, But what's the main weakness?

1. Inferno Tower


Inferno Tower is obviously the best Anti-Tank, it's good HP, insane damage and it melts the Golemites too! But Lightning Is obviously the main partner of Golem, making Inferno Tower vulnerable! But Inferno Tower still counter it for a positive elixir trade! (Well technically due to golem's high Cost, anything can counter him for a positive elixir trade)

2. P.E.K.K.A.


Instead of directly countering the Golem, PEKKA's high Damage allows her to cut down all ground Golem supporters, (Especially Lumberjack, Electro Wizard and Night Witch), making Golem vulnerable to the other cards that counter him including PEKKA, PEKKA is also spell proof so it made him super reliable, and the Golemites just got instant chopped down, just watch out for the goblin gang!

3. Elite Barbarians


Just like PEKKA, you're supposed to kill the supporters before the Golem when using the Elite Barbarians, they're cheaper, meaning that it'll be more rewarding, and they're also spell proof (Except Rocket +), meaning it's very reliable, if you don't kill the supports first, they'll kill your Elite Barbarians though unlike PEKKA

4. Inferno Dragon


Very cheap counter! Inferno dragon function the same as inferno tower! For 1 less elixir, but why isn't it 1st? It's too easy to counter, Night witch can use her bats to distract, And he had much lower Hp, Inferno Dragon's latest buff made him harder to overwhelm though!

5. Skeleton Army


Lastly, we have the skeleton army. Though Zap/Log can kill the entire army easily, the smartest way to let the army kill the Golem is to bait down their Zap or Log, while using a tank such as Knight to distract the supports like Baby Dragon, forcing opponents to use a spell that results into negative elixir trade, Skeleton Army's MAX. DPS also wrecks the Golem! But not Golemites , Skeleton Army can also used to stop supporters from supporting the Golem (Except Baby Dragon), but overall it's a bit unreliable, it worth the risk though! And that's the Max. Positive elixir trade

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