Coming tomorrow we have a balance change, nerfing some OP cards and buffing underused cards


Night Witch: Damage-9%, Range -11%, Bats spawn slower, Death Bats -1

That was WAY too brutal, she's OP, but not unstoppable, she needs a nerf, but not THAT much, she'll be outclassed by the Lumberjack, Mini PEKKA, Prince and more, well then, RIP Night witch


Battle Ram: Takes longer to Charge, Barbarians spawns slower

Not OP, but very good! Battle Ram will become slower, I don't think bridge spam won't be affected since this will only slow down a bit, Bandit, Ice golem and inferno dragon will still be strong while Night witch can be replaced by Lumberjack


Graveyard: Duration-1 second

After haunting the game since Halloween till now, Graveyard is finally being nerfed, Graveyard will now spawn 2 less skeletons, the damage to the tower will be reduced, but it'll still be a great spell


E-Wiz: HP -2%

What is that for? He'll still survive a fireball, even without his HP nerf, he'll still die to Mini PEKKA 1 shot, rounding error maybe?


Heal: duration-0.5 seconds

I used to think heal sucks, but it turned out to be OP, heal's nerf won't affect much, just like tornado, just heal less, 3M heal Will still be deadly


Mini PEKKA: Damage +4.6%

I appreciate bringing Mini PEKKA back to the game, but Uh Oh! He'll 1 shot Musketeer, Wizard and E-Wiz! Good to see him back though!


X-Bow and Mortar: deployment time -0.5 seconds

X-Bow and Mortar now deploy faster, now they might comeback as slower deployment killed them! Now, REBORN! Oh, prepare yourself with siege decks incoming


Dark Prince: Damage +6%, hit speed-0.1 second

THANK YOU SUPERCELL FOR BUFFING DARK PRINCE!!! He's my favourite card, now he'll hit faster, making him less vulnerable to skeleton army, also he'll kill elite barbarians faster thanks to his damage boost! But what I wished is a splash radius increase! So he'll kill all skeletons in the army 1 shot


Ice Wizard: Damage +10%, hit speed +0.2 seconds

This is a total rework for the ice wizard, he'll deal more damage, now 1 shot skeletons! But his DPS won't be affected due to his hit speed nerf. He'll become the best legendary again! Maybe


Bats: +1 Bat

Bats sucked Because supercell removed a bat from the card, now with "Lemmy?" (That's how I called the missing bat) back, they should be better!

Comment down on what you think! Did I missed anything? Tell me at the comment section!