These are More balance change ideas

Sparky: has a 35% chance to resist retarget

if sparky got lucky, she will be immune to stuns , but not always .

Barbarian hut: lifetime - 15seconds, HP -6%, elixir cost -1

A cheaper cost will make it more enticing to use

Baby Dragon: Damage +5%, HP -5%

Baby dragon has strength and weakness: HP is husband strength while Damage is his weakness, converting some strength to his weakness will make him more better.

Skeleton army: skeleton +1

Graveyard: skeleton -1, duration-0.5 seconds

Graveyard is better than skeleton army in tournaments, giving a skeleton to the army will balance it

Night Witch: HP- 10%

Allows PEKKA to 1 shot her

Miner: digs slower when underground

Miner is one of the best legendary in the game, a slower digging will allow opponents to react faster

Musketeer and Wizard: HP +5% A bit to fragile, a HP boost will allow it to survive fireball 1 level higher

Musketeer: damage-5%

To avoid I think to be OP, as she's very strong even without the buff

Clone: Will be removed from the game

Say goodbye to the clone spell, it's too bad to work anywhere, as rage is safer and cheaper, multiple buffs do nothing

X bow: deploy time -1 second, damage -5%

This allows the X bow to be easier to use, but not too OP

PEKKA, Giant Larry: harder to distract

Whenever you see your PEKKA or Giant Larry being distracted by an Ice Golem to the other side of the map, you must think it's very painful to watch, this will let them harder to distract and focus on the tower