Hi Guys, it's me, GLeen1230. Instead of doing a "How to counter XXX" post, I'll be talking about one of the deadliest legendary before which Supercell nerfed it hard, yes, no surprisingly, The Night Witch

Night Witch is the deadliest card when first released, She had Decent HP,INSANE Damage and she spawn Bats! Bats themselves are once the worst card in the entire game, but the Night Witch's bats are super insane! The regular bats just easily get shot down, but the Night Witch is tanking for her bats and they deal insane damage. And when she dies she spawn 4 MORE BATS!!! THAT'S JUST WAY TOO OP!!! Mini PEKKA, Prince and Lumberjack suddenly disappeared from most decks, being replaced by Night Witch, I hated her so much, she's too OP. So she got a whopping 7 nerfs overall! With 3 at the first update .

Nerf 1: 1st wave of Bats Spawn slower

Nerf 2: Spawn bats every 6 seconds instead of 5

Nerf 3: Death Bats -1, making the total bats she spawn when she dies to 3 instead of 4'

That seems huge right? Answer: NO! She's still too OP, but getting easier to stop, baby dragon was surprisingly one of the best counters, that doesn't make her weak, GBN (Golem Baby Dragon Night witch beatdown) made her too powerful, although Executioner completely cut the deck down, Night Witch is still OP, so she received another 4 nerfs (Which happened a few hours ago):

Nerf 4: Damage -9%

Nerf 5: Removed mini range (She had the same range as the Prince And Guards before, which both had mini range )

Nerf 6: Death Bats -1, making it only 2 bats when she dies.

Final Nerf: Spawns bats every 7 seconds instead of 6

This update was HARSH, it might've killed her, But also affected a lot of cards, The affected card are:

Mini PEKKA, he'll be back on destruction as night witch got nerfed, also he got a damage buff which made him OP

Prince, Same Reason as Mini PEKKA

Lumberjack: same reason as Mini PEKKA

Executioner: with Night witch gone, Executioner will be indirectly weakened as there's some better options to kill other swarms (He'll still be the best splash damage dealer for me)

Bowler: with executioner weakened, Bowler might see a comeback!

Golem: Just Golem and Baby Dragon won't be enough to stop an Inferno Tower or dragon, weakening Golem a lot

Baby Dragon: same reason as Golem

And more! Ok I'm not sure if she's dead or not, but overall I think that was a way too brutal nerf. Also answer the 2 survey below

Is she still good after the nerf?

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Will Golem Baby Dragon beatdown still strong?

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