It's GLeen1230 again! Yesterday I talked about the Night Witch, about is she dead or not after the nerf. Today, I'm taking about a recently buffed card, also one of my favourite card. Dark Prince.


Dark Prince was added to the game at February 23rd 2016, along with 3 Musketeers, Royal Giant, Ice Wizard, Poison and Princess. All of them except 2 of them were terrible. The only 2 OP cards are Dark Prince And Princess. Dark Prince was so good that he outclassed the Valkyrie, he's too OP , so he got a charge speed slow down nerf, I'm suprised that this left him at a very weird spot at the meta, Dark Prince became a shadow of the Valkyrie as she also got buffed, which made her strong. She was fallen afterwards. But even with Dark Prince's first 2 buff, it still doesn't help. If you're wondering what are the 2 buffs are, they're:

Buff 1: Damage +8% at July 4th

Buff 2: damage +7.5% at August 24th

That doesn't revive her, and he's considered as one of the WORST epic cards, dark prince was fallen to the worst tier, as his damage isn't strong enough, he got swarmed by skeleton army, and his low HP made him weak. Supercell never buffed him until February 13th 2017

Buff 3: HP +5%

That's not enough FOR SURE, Dark Prince is still one of the least used card unlike Witch and Baby Dragon, that they see a huge increase after the buff, Baby Dragon even became one of most used card! Supercell forgotten about the dark prince until Yesterday, people requested for a dark prince buff (including me), supercell eventually buffed him twice at the same update:

4th buff: Damage +6%

Final buff (For now): Hit speed -0.1 seconds, making him swing every 1.4 seconds instead of 1.5

This buff not only greatly increased his DPS, (his DPS Is higher than Valkyrie), but also made him better against troops, especially Goblin Gang (Level 5 Dark Prince now 1 shot level 12 stab goblins), Guards (Now 1 shot their shield) and Elite Barbarians (He was already an amazing counter to them even before the buff, It made him even better), I think Dark Prince is now a great all type troop, he's awesome on offence and a great defensive troop against 3 Musketeers. But he still don't have enough splash radius, which Is a big weakness. Thanks for the buff though! Also answer my survey

Did the buff revived him?

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