So we all waited for my opinion about cards that need a buff or nerf, well here is it

1. Clone Spell

Clone isn't as bad as I expected at first, but it isn't great too, simply the clones are too weak, 1 shot by anything, including ice golem's death nova! A great buff is to decrease the cost to 2, so it'll be less risky, And more reliable


She isn't 100% a trash can on wheels! But it has too many weakness and too easy to counter! Sparky can be reset by Zap, E wiz and more! Sparky's HP isn't impressive enough for 6 elixir! I think she needs a HP boost and a faster hit speed, something like 4.5 seconds charge, she'll be more reliable

3. Bomb tower

Bomb tower needs a emergency rework compared to all other cards, it's high cost, low damage , short range, and lack of ability to hit air made inferno tower, Cannon or even Tesla better! Bomb tower should explode with a BOOM! Dealing 900% damage , but a lower HP

4. Guards

Guards are really weak nowadays, despite it's still much better than goblins, goblin gang outclassed it! Guards are great with their shield, but people just prefer their master, the Dark Prince as his shield cannot be knocked down by Log, much higher damage and HP. Most importantly, his speed and ability to charge and splash! Guards' shield shouldn't be knocked down by the Log, will bring them back.

5. Mortar

Just like the dirty X-Bow, mortar isn't bad, but it's too hard to use, and it's much slower, instead for a HP, damage or hit speed buff, I suggest it to pushback small to medium troops, allow it to have more defensive potential

Cards that need a nerf coming tomorrow!