These are my idea of balance changes, it's not real, but here's my idea of balance change.

Elite barbarians: hit point increase by 4%, damage decrease by 4%

In my opinion I think the latest elite barbarians nerf was bad, they don't really have that much HP, but insane damage, it should get a damage nerf, HP nerf will be revert while damage will be nerfed.

Goblin barrel: Deploy time increased to 1.3 seconds

Seriously too annoying, this will allow barrel victims to react faster

Princess and dart goblin: HP increased by 10%

Dart goblin's usage was low, this buff will let him survive arrows and log, forcing opponents to use fireball to kill them, the princess's buff is to keep consistent with the dart goblin's hp, hopefully she won't get outclassed

Balloon: Death bomb damage decrease, HP decrease by 5%

Despite the fact that I hate the balloon, I found the death bomb too strong nowadays , a damage nerf for the death bomb will allow archers to survive again (minions will still die), also balloon's usage was pretty high, a hp nerf will allow it to be less annoying

Dark prince: spiked club size increase, charge speed increased by 13%

The spiked club size increase will increase his damage, splash radius and range, each by 10%, also considered that dark prince is very underused, bringing back the charge speed will make him be faster to reach the tower, and be more successful!

Rage: elixir cost increase to 3. Now have a damage boost

Rage is also pretty underused, unlike clash of clans it's OP, i want that feel, but not too OP so despite giving a damage boost, the 3rd elixir will be back to the spell, this will affect the lumberjack's rage too

Cannon and Tesla: Hit speed decreased to 0.7 seconds

Both cannon and tesla are underused, making it help faster might revive those deadly cards before

Tesla: elixir cost decrease to 3 elixir, HP decrease by 20%, damage decrease by 5%, range decrease to 5

I'm sure a hit speed buff won't revive the tesla, but a lower. ELIxir cost will! HP damage and range nerf will compromise the cost decrease

Furnace: fire spirits level decrease by 1

I hope smarty will like it

How do you think? Tell me how you feel