People were saying : "I HATE THE ELITE BARBARIANS!!!!!!!!😑😑😑" however they aren't exactly unstoppable, I'll teach you how to stop them

1. Rocket

Rocket can destroy the elite barbarians due to the high damage, but however its landing was slow, making them escape, you should place some distraction units like skeletons then immediately use rocket, or master your aiming then goodbye

2. Bowler

Bowler's pushback made him amazing, bowler can hit them back making elite barbarians can barely hit him, then make a counter push ! Talk about positive elixir trade!


knock the elite barbarians out of the bowler!

3. Skeleton army

Skeleton army totally swarm them for 3 positive elixir trade! However it's vulnerable to zap and log, so this card can save you totally, but if unlucky you're screwed

4. Dark prince

Now this one is surprising, but dark prince is so strong that it can take out elite barbarians alone! It's less risky than skeleton army and more rewarding than bowler! But it will be less effective and it will also leave him one shot so chances is less to make a counter, earning him 4th place, and that's why never underestimate the dark prince!


5. P.E.K.K.A.

Last but not least, the P.E.K.K.A. The P.E.K.K.A. Can simply 4 shot all 2 elite barbarians, and she's tanky so it won't even do much damage to her, however the main flaw is that it will have a negative elixir trade unlike others


So that's all, hope it helps you stop the cancer