Captain GLeen Du Grande

aka Poco, skeleton of a famous musician

  • I live in The world of Brawl Stars
  • I was born on August 31
  • My occupation is Playing guitar to curse enemies with my music, or use my song to heal allies
  • I am The deadliest brawler, hoping to be famous once again!
  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    It’s time for another legendary ranking! This time, it’s going to be a lot different from the last ranking, so get prepared! Starting at worst to best, let’s start at #15!

    Is there actually a chance that Sparky can escape from the bottom? It’s impossible without another change.

    Back in 2016, where Zap and Freeze are the only cards that can reset it, Sparky is definetely the card that desperately needed a nerf! Sparky was CANCER back then, but as time passes, Ice Spirit, E-Wiz and more cards were added, making sparky one of the worst cards ever. The rework did make her a lot better, but it still dwell at the bottom.

    Honestly if Sparky needed to work, I think that stun cards can only reset 50% of her charge to make her viable (eg she charges 4 …

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    As we all know, Witch is one of the most overpowered cards in the game thanks to her massive buff. She has good HP, poor splash damage and has the ability to spawn skeletons very quickly. There’s some changes in the meta so I’m talking about them

    The Witch is basically a walking tombstone, she’s deadly in beat down as her skeletons can Continuously distract units, her counters are definetely needed, which made some of the worst cards in the game good again! Bowler is a perfect example, now I used to say Bowler is hands down the worst splash damage dealer next to Bomber, but now, with Ram still being popular despite being able to be pushed back, along with the Witch spawning more frustrating skeletons, he’s now a viable option in any decks, …

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Meta is always unbalanced, more cards needed a change, here’s my full list! What cards needed a change and why.

    Knight’s usage and win rate in Grand Challenges are very low, but quite good on 1v1 ladder. He’ll now 1 shot Goblins or even princess on equal level. Without making him overpowered once again, he’ll hit a lot slower

    The last change made the Witch too strong, a slight nerf for her should make her a bit more manageable

    The last change didn’t really affect Ram/Bandit and MK, but more like making Double Prince suffer. Standardise their distance requirement once again, not only to make Double Prince great again, but also to make the other 3’s change more significant

    Barbarians are still underused, they need more stars to be truly mighty!


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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Remember the times when Knight is arguably the most overpowered cards in the game? Yes, he has a lot of HP, for 3 elixir only, he can counter a lot of troop, swarms, even tank. There was actually quite a time where Ice Golem and the other mini tanks are nowhere to be seen, thanks to him! But unfortunately, after realizing Knight is too overpowered, supercell nerfed him twice. He did gain 3% HP back but in my opinion: this is not enough. Knight is still a bit underwhelming. He needs a buff in my opinion. But Why?

    After his 6% HP nerf, I thought the reason why Knight’s usage rate and win rate has gone down severely thanks to Dark Prince, Which got buffed at the same time. For 4 months already Dark Prince is considered as the #1 Card that need…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Supercell confirmed that there,l be new changes, this time it’s gonna be a heavy change for some certain cards, let’s start with those that are very noticeable

    HP: 696 > 814

    What the actual heck is this???

    I get that the Witch is quite weak as a card, constantly getting outclassed by her sister Night Witch, as well as getting wrecked by Wizard, Baby Dragon and Especially, Executioner easily, her win rate is quite low but this is definitely too much. Witch is probably gonna stand longer than the Baby Dragon since her skeletons will spawn faster, easier to distract units (Not Including spells).

    She’ll hit 0.3 seconds slower, but that doesn’t stop her from being OP

    Why is everyone turning into the Dark Prince??? (By that I meant she’s gonna be a l…

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