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  • I live in Near the Mushroom Kingdom
  • I was born on August 31
  • My occupation is Popping Balloons, Catching Ghosts, restoring the dark moon, defeating King Boo and Saving My Bro, Super Mario
  • I am Mario's younger brother
  • GLeen1230

    It seems like something wasn't right with the last legendary ranking..... now I updated the list once again, hopefully it's a better ranking

    Hate to say it, Yet Sparky is still the Worst legendary

    Sparky is easily distracted even if she deal area damage, her charge is slow. Sparky’s HP isn’t impressive too as she cost 6 elixir, yet she had less HP than Bowler, Giant, or even Valkyrie, Prince, Hog Rider and Knight. Sparky had amazing damage, which made her reliable on defence, but she can be reset by tons of cards. Lightning, Zap, E-Wiz etc.

    Sparky can be 1 shotted by rocket, unfortunately, she need a massive HP boost to make her truly a tank

    She also need a rework otherwise she’ll totally be extinct

    WHAT??? He’s still useless??? No, ice wizar…

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  • GLeen1230

    A guide on shields

    September 24, 2017 by GLeen1230

    Whenever you talk about shields, No, I'm not talking about the shields in clash of clans, I'm talking about the 3 shield cards, some of them aren't easy to use! Today I'm going to give you some advice on using them.

    The Dark Prince is a very decent offensive and defensive card. Dark Prince has good damage AND a charge strike, making him deal a lot of damage, although not as powerful as his bro., he's much better as his area damage made him a lot versatile, Dark Prince's shield allows him to tank for most glass cannons, and his Splash + Charge can take out elite barbarians! If you're using Dark Prince, I prefer using him on defence then counter attack. Remember: He doesn't really have too much HP when shield's down, so it's best to tank him …

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  • GLeen1230

    I think there's some OP cards that are unstoppable but some are bad. Today I'm talking about cards that need a buff/Nerf

    Knight simply offer WAY too much value for 3 elixir, his HP IS TOO HIGH! He can literally counter anything! He can also defeat SWARMS!I think he need a big HP nerf, so he cannot counter some cards as effectively as usual, if that's too much, buff his hit speed.

    Executioner can literally WRECK anything! His high HP is the same issue as the Knight! And his liner attack is deadly! OP even without his bugs! He needs a HP nerf, just like the Knight!

    Hog Rider's Darkest Age is during Elite Barbarians 1st buff, but after the downfall of the Elite Barbarians, he became OP once again. Hog Rider is too fast, too strong, too tanky and …

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  • GLeen1230

    Ranking the epic cards (2v2)

    September 14, 2017 by GLeen1230

    Coming to my next blog post is the epic card ranking for 2v2. This is my rank so don't get mad if you disagree

    Coming at last place is the Mirror. Unfortunately it's extra elixir totally ruin the card. The Mirror, although better than 1v1, it still need a change to be even better.

    I'm sorry for all of you who love the X-Bow, but in 2v2, it's worse than the Mortar as it is too easy to distract and stop. At least mortar deals splash damage, I gotta admit X-Bow is good, but it's completely garbage in 2v2.

    I think Cannon Cart is acceptable to use, but it had too much flaws, which made it uncommon. Cannon sucks, Cannon Cart is better however as it can move, if it locks, game over. Guards are better on defence and distraction however as they've mor…

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  • GLeen1230

    At 2v2, some cards that are OP in ladder (Like RG), might become weaker, some are much stronger, today I'm ranking all common cards again. This time for 2v2 however.

    Spear Goblins are basically the #1 Worst card in the entire game. In ladder, tournaments and 2v2 they suck. Archers, Goblin Gang and Fire Spirits are much better. Besides, they deal less damage than skeletons. WHAT'S THE POINT OF USING THEM INSTEAD OF MINIONS???

    As much as you overlevel him, he'll still be one of the worst cards in 2v2

    The extra teammate can help you deal with him easily. I could've rank him last, at least his range does something. Giant Skeleton totally outclassed him however

    I think cannon tesla and mortar, the common buildings are underrated. Most people rank …

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