Captain GLeen Du Grande

aka King Boo, Master of illusion

  • I live in The Evershade valley
  • I was born on August 31
  • My occupation is Kidnapping Super Mario, serve King Bowser Koopa, Defeat Luigi, destroying the Dark Moon, creating illusions across the 5 mansions and joining Lord Betrayus (I just made a story about joining him)
  • I am The king of ghost, while also being the master of illusion
  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    There’re 11 buildings in the game, ever wondered which one is the best? I’ll tell you now!

    There should not be a surprise to see the Bomber on the Tower being last. Bomber is already a bad card, but it made him worse on the tower, the damage is far worse, yet it still can’t hit air, it is overshadowed by the much more powerful Inferno Tower, I'd rather use the Bomber on the ground, why does it even cost 5 elixir???

    Similarly, Barb hut is also bad because it cost too much, 7 elixir, yet it does a little job, I think Barb but is better than the bomb tower though, sometimes I get trolled by the Barb Hut + gob hut combo, but that’s it

    Cannon is also very bad for quite some time At least this thing is cheap, and it can really save you from the Hog…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    Today, I want to talk about something different. Yup, it's these 2

    Once, they're considered as cancer, but as people Learn how to stop them, as well as balance changes that hurt them, These 2 have never been in a worse spot than they have Been now. I'll talk some ideas how to fix them.

    RG can barely hurt you, it's just guaranteed damage, Hog Rider is much easier to get damage, as well as supported, look at their DPS! Hog ha sure much better stats but HP. RG is so weak to destroy buildings, despite his range. With Moreno damage, he can leave the building into dust

    Unlike RG, EBarbs are getting a rework instead of a buff, because unlike RG,EBarbs are not bad, their damage is OP, but their HP sucks, especially at tournament standard, I want to …

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    So the recent change BRUTALLYnerfed the Mega Knight and Skeleton Barrel, while buffing the underused Valkyrie, overshadowed Bandit and Dark Prince, now as meta changes, some cards need a change, here’s my ideas!

    These card either suck, overshadowed or just not game changing enough, these buff should help!

    Ok, I admit that Skeleton Barrel DEFINITELY deserves a nerf, but the recent nerf was totally incorrect. It KILLED Skeleton Barrel as 2 skeletons can change a lot of damage. Skeleton Barrel has poor RNG like Graveyard, so it’ll deal a lot less damage. To revive it, I prefer bringing back those Skeletons, however, slow down their deployment time a bit (like 0.2 seconds or something) OR decrease the barrel’s HP, so the skeletons will take longe…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    As we all know, a Balance Update was launched and the legendary ranking is going to be a lot different. Let’s see how everything changed since the last ranking, along with the Magic Archer!

    The buff for Sparky is amazing, it made her a lot better to stay at a great spot in the meta. But it’s not good enough to save her from last place. I put sparky at 9th last list, but I think it’s because I’d overrated her.

    Actually, I wouldn’t consider her as the worst legendary, but I did talk to my friends that told me that Sparky’s buff isn’t enough to save her from last place. She’s too easy to stop and overwhelm. I can understand. Though if left ignored, she can defend against millions of pushes!

    But still, sparky is good! I would be very happy even i…

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  • Captain GLeen Du Grande

    More balance changes?! Why, let’s take a look. It’s odd to see supercell announced a new balance change so quick, so let’s review them!

    Spawn damage and jump damage: 480 decreased to 360

    I HATE THIS CHANGE SO MUCH, SO MUCH THAT I NEARLY THREW MY IPAD AND SMASH IT! SERIOUSLY SUPERCELL??? I KNOW MEGA KNIGHT SHOULD GET NERFED, BUT SERIOUSLY? 25%??? This will change so much interactions, Hog Rider will always get 1 shot, Elite Barbarians might potentially deal enough damage so he can’t counterattack, Barbarians, Witch AND Ice Wizard will survive him + zap or log. This nerf is twice as BRUTAL as Night Witch’s 7 NERFS!!! Mega Knight is one of my favourite legendary, so RIP MK, my boy.

    HP: 1399 decreased to 1315

    Well, after losing 0.1 seconds hit speed, h…

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