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  • My occupation is Stealing the repository and tree of life, taking over Pac word, destroying my big brother Spheros, the Pac Brat (Pac Man) and his friends and stopping Lightning
  • I am The king of ghost
  • GLeen1230

    It’s been a while since I made a ‘Top 5 cards to counter XXX” post, this time, I’ll do one of my most hated cards before, the Balloon. I once said that I will never do a top 5 cards to counter Balloon, but now I felt confident enough to do it, so here’s my top 5 cards to counter Balloon .

    At number 1 we have the Minions, the Minions are the cheapest and the most reliable card against Balloon, as Zap can’t kill it, the Minions can quickly pop it and can form a counterpush, as they’re most likely gonna survive.

    The Bats are similar to Minions, dealing similar DPS for 1 less elixir, but they’re not as reliable because they can be 1 shot by Zap, still it can offer the best value which is why it’s number 2

    HA! The king of trolls! Tornado can suck …

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  • GLeen1230

    As our time pass, Epic cards have been changed, some got better and some got worse. Today I’m going to re rank the epic cards again. Should you upgrade them? Sure. But should you use them? Check out this list!

    Is there anyone being surprised that Clone reached last place? Clone has been in last place since my 1st epic list. The clone got slightly better now because with skills, the clone can actually pose quite a lot of threat (Especially Lava Hound decks).

    Then why is it last place? It’s last because the clones are too fragile, Tornado wrecks everything. And leaving the original unit Weak. Making it a really weak card

    Nah, I don’t think clone is that bad, at least it’s miles ahead of heal. But it definitely needs a big buff

    As long as the lig…

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  • GLeen1230

    It’s been a while since I made a common ranking, these cards are easy to get, but are they worth overlevelling? This ranking will tell.


    I really hate to say that, BUT WHY ISN’T THE BOMBER BUFFED???

    Bomber is the worst common card in the game, its stats are just, ugh... I know he has great damage, but is it worth when he has terrible HP? I’m sure it was a no as he can’t hit air.

    Although I wouldn’t say Bomber is a terrible card, he was just overshadowed terribly and can’t reach any further in the list.


    As we all know, Spear Goblins got their 1st buff in history, it did made them a lot better.

    But unfortunately this is not enough overall, their damage is just garbage and …

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  • GLeen1230

    Royal Ghost was awakened a few hours ago, as a legendary card. This reminds me that I should make a new legendary ranking, I will include the Royal Ghost because I tried him at the “Royal Ghost Challenge” and knew how he does.

    Unfortunately, the Halloween balance update for the Graveyard may seem to be a buff, but with its smaller radius, spawns less randomly and its 1st Skeleton spawns later, Graveyard became ridiculously easy to stop. Graveyard started off as the 2nd best legendary, but since it got nerf, it’s starting to lose a lot of use. Now because it’s a lot easier to counter and predict, Graveyard falls at the last place.

    Remember that I said Ice Wizard is the worst legendary ever? Well, I kinda regret what I say, all legendaries hav…

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  • GLeen1230

    Christmas is coming up, and everyone got a present: balance change, they’re nerfing the Hog And Knight, this is my thought about it

    The Hog Rider was starting to get really annoying especially after the Elite Barbarians got nerfed, he’s like a guaranteed damage to towers since he only hits buildings, he’s going to hit slower, and his 1st strike is going to be even slower. I think Hog Rider will still be a great card, but this should promote more win conditions (Especially the Giant)

    With new cards coming to the game along with Ice Golem’s nerf in January 2017, the Knight which was once complete garbage became a severely overpowered card, he counters a lot for a massive positive elixir trade, costing 3 elixir having insane HP, and hits way to…

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